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🇬🇧 Winter swimming and “hygge” in Denmark

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This weekend I’m on a family trip to Søndervig in western Denmark. All 4 generations have gathered to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday.

Danish hygge

Søndervig is mostly a summer destination but during winter it’s still very pretty. After a 6 km walk my cousin hosted a quiz and a beer tasting with 13 Christmas beers. To judge the beers we all had a green, yellow and red card and it’s become clear that we really don’t have the same taste in beer.

Winter bathing

The ocean rarely gets warm in Denmark but that doesn’t stop us and some even swim during winter. Right now the water is about 6 degrees and on land it’s about 3 degrees.

It was a cold but very beautiful swim and we quickly returned to the sauna in our cottage.

Would you swim in cold water?

There’s a lovely video on my Instagram.

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