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🇬🇧 Where to eat in Prague

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My sister and I usually go on a minibreak once a year and last weekendwe visited Prague.

Last year we went to Malmø an before that; Tallinn, Rome and Dublin.

Our trips is all about exploring the city by foot, eating great food and enjoying a couple of beers or wine.

This post is all about food but you can read more about what to expect in Prague here.

Where to eat

You can find everything from schnitzel to sushi and you never have to walk far to find somewhere to eat.

We started with lunch, which turned out to be a tourist trap and set us back 50 euros.

The Jewish quarter

After exploring the city by foot we found the Jewish quarter to have the most cosy cafes and restaurants. We had tea and bubbles at Mistral Cafe. A cosy place without too many tourist. You should really try the hummus and the mint tea. We had 3 glasses of bubbles, tea, water and hummus and it cost 27 euros.

Delicate Italian food

For Saturday night we had a table booked at Divinis which serves delicate Italian food. The ambiance is good and they pay attention to details, like having a small side table for the water and wine bottle.

The staff was friendly and great at suggesting different wine for the dishes. 4 starters, 2 main courses and wine cost 160 euros.


Prague is a city that loves beer! You can find pubs and bars all over the city that offers many different kinds of beer.

What about Czech food?

It might seem a bit odd to visit Prague and eat Italian food or hummus. But when I’m at home in Denmark I rarely eat Danish food. I eat Japanese, Mexican, Italian and so on. To me most local kitchens have become international and I prefer to eat a bit of everything instead of schnitzel for 3 days.

What’s you favorite kitchen?

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