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The idea about starting a travel blog had been in my mind for quite a while before I actually got around to creating it. I have always traveled at lot and it’s my main hobby, so I feel like I have a lot of material to share with you guys. But I didn’t know quite where to start. Should I write about the budget travel backpacking trips I went on in Asia, or the time I moved to Australia on my own? Or should the blog be about my more current travels with a lot more luxury?

As you might have guessed from the blog name, I decided to center the blog about my quest and do a bit of everything. Describing some of the trips I have already been to on my quest for 50 countries before my 30th birthday and some of the trips I plan on taking while chasing the last 8 countries. I’ve spend the last week in a tiny village named Asi Gonia in Crete. It’s located high up in the White Mountains and there are more sheep and goats than people, so it was a great place to think. Or in my case to walk and think at the same time, because that’s when my mind works best. It took me 7 days to get past the thinking point and get to the doing part, but luckily for me Norwegian offers free wifi on their planes. I spend the 3 hour flight setting up the foundation for the blog and posted my first post the same evening – properly not the best post in the world, but it seemed important to get started before I lost my nerve and just went back to thinking about having a travel blog.

Truth be told I almost love planning my trips as much as I love travelling and I can spend days reading blogs, searching for the right flights and hotels and planning what to pack. So I hope that you will share your own stories, tips and tricks in the comment section and guide me towards your favorites places.

So to get started, which is your favorite European city? I’m torn between Rome with the abundance of culture and great food/wine or Helsinki with it’s great location at the shore of the sea and friendly people.


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