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🇬🇧 Safari recommendation in South Africa

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Are you planning for your first safari? Or do you want sublime luxury accommodation on your next safari? Then Bush Lodge in the Amakhala game reserve is perfect for you.

I stayed at Amakhala Bush Lodge two nights in February 2018 and it was pure luxury.

It’s easy to get there

We flew to Port Elisabeth and it was only an hour drive from the airport by well maintained roads. We stayed in the family tent with two rooms, which was spacious and equipped with everything we could need from an indoor bathtub to and outdoor shower with a view of the park.

(A male giraffe tasting the females urine to test if it’s the right time to mate – it wasn’t)

The lodge is situated in the middle of the game reserve which means you get an extra gamedrive going from the gate to the lodge and there is no wasted transport time when you go on the morning and afternoon gamedrives.

The food was great and offered local dishes like kudo kebab. Food and drinks are inclusive in the price and you can have it brought to the room if you want a glass of wine with your bath. The staff was very friendly and the attention to detail really makes the hotel stand out, when we got back from the morning gamedrive they were waiting with hot chocolate and hot towels and in the afternoon when we were dusty from the drive we got cold towels and fresh juice.

The safari

Even with everything being of very high standards, the safari was without a doubt the best part. Our guide Melissa was amazing, she was always enthusiastic and really cared about the animals. Amakhala is very respectful about the animals, and you can tell that the animals are in good condition, which is important to me. Some of the areas was closed of due to the young cheetahs were having their first solo hunt and needed the peace and quit to do so. There was never more than one other car in the area which was a great advantages from other game reserve where it quickly gets crowded.

A small but great park

The park is not as big as Krüger or Masai Mara but offers great variation in the vegetation and lots of lions, birds, elephants, monkeys, zebras, kudo, water hog, cheetah and countless other animals.

A great place if you want a small camp with luxery tents, great food and stuuing safari. If you want to know more about Bush Lodge leave a comment and stay tuned for my South Africa travel guide


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