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🇬🇧 Pulman Hotel in Old Town Riga

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Getting there

We arrived in Riga by plane in late October 2018. The flight time was one hour. We took a taxi to Pullman Hotel (28 euro/ 20 euro going back to the airport when the hotel booked a taxi for us).

The hotel

Since we wanted to walk around the city we choose a hotel in Old Town and wanting a bit of luxury we decided on Pullman. We arrived at 10 and was able to get our room straight away.

The hotel looked very charming and had the perfect location close to all the attractions. The hotels design was a combination of modern luxury and a few elements of Old Town Riga, like the stone vault you can eat breakfast in. The hotel offered everything we could want and more.

The room

Staying at the 3rd floor we had booked a superior room with two separate beds. We didn’t spend much time in the room but it had everything we needed. The shampoo/body wash smelled of lavender and we got new bottles each night which was important to Nina and her very long hair.

The location

The location was perfect. We were never more than a 15 minute walk away from anything. Riga castle is just around the corner and when you step out the door you are in the charming Old Town of Riga. This made everything very easy and we dropped by the hotel during the day to leave our shopping bags or to freshen up before dinner.

The breakfast

WOW! The breakfast had a great setting with charming stone walls, there was so many things to choose from and the service was impeccable. Do you like waffles, american pancakes or crepes? Pulman had it all and lots of decorative cakes. Depending on how healthy you want to be there’s everything from champagne to spinach/apple smoothie. The first morning when I stood in line to get my coffee at the machine a waiter quickly came over and asked if he should bring the coffee to our table so I didn’t have to wait in line. The only thing is, I’m not really sure if you can call it a line when there is only two people in it? The service at the hotel was outstanding and always delivered with a smile.

The pool

The pool and sauna is at the 7th floor with a view of the city. The pool is long enough for swimming but you can only swim one at a time because it’s not that wide. The sauna has a glass wall which is great if you are there on your own and would like to keep an eye on your stuff. There’s a changing room right next to the pool but I just changed at our room and wore the bathrobe and slippers to the pool.


On the 7th floor right next to the pool is a fitness room with a few treadmills, bikes, machines, yoga mats and weights. I must admit I didn’t use the fitness room, but my friend Nina did and she seemed satisfied with the equipment.

The downside

The only downside was that the fire detector in the room kept flashing a green light every 30 seconds. You can tell I really had to work hard to find a downside for this review.

Stay tuned for my travel guide for Riga or read my planning guide


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