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🇬🇧 Top 5 beach destinations

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There’s nothing better than waking up and going to the beach for a walk before breakfast or to sit on the beach and watch the sunset. I like my beaches to be long enough for walking and not too crowded. Here’s my top 5:

5. Gold coast Australia

The gold coast in Australia offers amazing wide beaches that goes on forever. Along the beach are cities like Surfers Paradise. As you might have guessed it’s the perfect place for surfers and backpackers. There are many hostels to choose from and lots of places to eat or party.

It mainly caters to a younger crowd and it’s a place you go to have fun not to enjoy a tranquil day.

4 Buffels Bay South Africa

The beach offers stunning views of the white sand, white-topped waves and green sea. We parked the car at Brenton and walked the 5 kilometers to Buffalo Bay Beach where there’s a single restaurant and a few houses. The walk is truly amazing and the sand is firm enough for walking. But be mindful of the high tide that might send you up in the surrounding hills to get back to the car with dry shoes.

3 Vesterhavet Denmark

I’m probably biased about this once since I live in Denmark but the western coast of Denmark offers some great beaches. My favorite is Hjerting Strand which has a long beach promenade and sculptures integrated on the beach. It’s especially beautiful at sunset and it is a pretty and quiet place for a walk.

2 Kho Chang Thailand

The perfect combination of jungle vibe, small town charm and a beautiful beach – perfect for pre breakfast walks and relaxing all day with a good book.

1 Meeru Island Maldives

Meeru Island is heaven on earth. The luxury of having a perfect beach with crystal clear water, almost all to yourself. Very peaceful and easy access to snorkeling at the house reef.

Beaches that didn’t make the cut


The beach disappeared most of the day due to high tide and the humidity was unbearable high.

Bondi Beach Australia

Not that you can tell by the picture, but it gets very crowded.

That was some of my favorite beaches, whats you no. 1 beach in the world?


2 thoughts on “🇬🇧 Top 5 beach destinations

    1. It was a though choice, since it has the most amazing white sand and blue water. But I cut it from the list because you can only get there by boat and you have to bring everything with you yourself.

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