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🇬🇧 Maldives: relax in paradise

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Maldives is a group of islands pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but it’s worth the long flight when you arrive to paradise like islands.

Meeru resort and spa

We landed on Male in February 2017 and after a 45 min speedboat ride we arrived at Meeru. A resort with barefoot luxury. We stayed at a jacuzzi villa which had a private backyard with a sundeck and a jacuzzi. We spend the week walking around the island (a 45 min round trip) reading books and getting treatments at the amazing spa.

While you are getting your treatment there’s a window in the floor so you can watch the fish – without a doubt the best spa experience I’ve ever had.

The food

The food is good. It’s buffet for breakfast and dinner but there is always something new to try and since the floor is made of sand you can eat dinner without shoes (but do remember to pack dresses for dinner) During lunch and for late night snacks we eate at the pool bar – the spring rolls are great.

Unless you don’t drink alcohol at all I’ll recommend to go with the all inclusive package because you will have to drink plenty to stay hydrated and you might get tired of drinking water.

It’s a year-round destination with 30 degrees and sun, great snorkeling and actually worthy of the hype. I’ve been to the Seychelles and Maldives is by far the best choice in my opinion because the Maldives have a more pleasant climate with less humidity and it almost felt like we had the island to ourselves.


I’m not fond of spending all my time at the beach, so we did do a lot snorkeling from the shore, went on a sunset cruise (don’t go if you tend to get seasick) went to the gym, played tennis and golf. The only thing I was disappointed about was that they placed the windsurfing station in the one place on the island where there is no wind at all, so we never got a chance to go windsurfing.

Why you should book now

The place isn’t crowded, the staff are friendly and everything is luxurious but with a bare feet twist which makes the stay the ultimate relaxed luxury getaway destination. But you better hurry up and book your trip to the Maldives because it’s slowly being overtaken by the ocean.

You can see sharks from the beach

Stay tuned for my next post about why you should combine Maldives with Sri Lanka.

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