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🇬🇧 How to make it through the Airport stress free

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It’s almost Christmas and maybe you’ve started worrying about traveling during peak season?

Maybe you’ve already read guides on how to pick the fastest line through passport control or handle security checks in no time?

My guide isn’t about that.

A stress free perspective

I am fan of those tips but in my opinion it won’t give you a stress free experience.

I used to arrive late at the airport and I know all the tips and trick in the book. I never missed a flight but the airport was just something to be done with so the vacation could begin. During my travels I have changed my perspective to include the airport as being part of the trip and it has really helped me relax at the airport.

Time assessment is key

Are you always 30 minutes early for appointments? Are you a timeoptimist? Do you often forget stuff and have to go back to get them? These core traits doesn’t change just because you go on vacation. So be realistic with your time assessment.

Do your homework

Most airlines offers online check in – make use of it and skip the line at the airport. Then all you have to do at the airport is to print the bording pass and drop you luggage. While you’r at it check which terminal you are departing from so you don’t end up at the wrong one. The gate will be announce at the airport and it can change so keep an eye on it.

Noise cancelling headphones

My noise cancelling head phones are life savers! You can listen to e-books, your favorite music or just block out other people. It’s almost magic! Once you’r in the air the headphones will block the noise from the plane and your fellow passengers. They don’t come cheap, but they are worth it – here is a link to mine.

Bring snacks

If you think the airport is overpriced then bring snack (dry ones – security might take away your humus/pesto/yogurt). The snacks will keep you from having cravings or bad moods due to low blood sugar – you might get stranded in the airport for hours.

Wear layers

You never know if the airport will be chilly or overheated, so wear layers so you can adjust your temperature. I’ve been stuck in 45 degrees in Egypt waiting for our plane for 6 hours and I’ve caught the cold during at 5 hour flight where the heating system malfunctioned and everyone was freezing since there was only blankets for the kids. Bring a scarf – it’s a great way to stay warm/use as a blanket/use as a pillow.

Bring entertainment

Put together a playlist that will make you happy, download your favorite series, bring a book or magazine or just enjoy having a few hours with nothing on your to do list. Relax while you wait to board the plane or do some last minute Christmas shopping.


With so many people traveling at the same time you are bound to get frustrated with someone -but don’t let it get to you. It’s Christmas so smile at people who are holding up the line at security because they forgot the keys in their pockets and don’t stare angrily at people who stop in the middle of the walkway to check the departure time. Don’t get impatient with the staff when they tell you that you can’t bring your oversize cabin bag onboard (they’ve had a very long day too!)

Reward yourself

When I’m traveling with my husband we always eat at the airport and when I travel with my sister we usually have a beer or buy a magazine. Make your own traditions at the airport so you know that no matter how long the line are there is a good cup of coffee/a new book/bottle of wine/parfume waiting for you.

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