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🇬🇧 Flashback Friday no 3: Hiking from Kalaw to Inle Lake

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Perfect place for lunch on our hike from Kalaw.

Hiking from Kalaw

Kalaw in Myanmar is a charming little mountain village where many hikes start from. We chose a 2 night hike to Inle Lake opting for a less traveled hiking route.

There’s a special golden light in the mountains that make the colors stand out and makes sunrises and sunsets spectacular. The hike was 8 hours a day and required a light-medium fitness level. Try a home stay if possible, it’s quite unique to sleep in someone’s living room.

After 2 days of hiking with in a group with 3 British girls and a local guide we arrive at Inle Lake.

Boat tour Inle Lake

A very beautiful area famous for the local fishermen fishing early in the morning. They use one leg to paddle the boat while they fish. Go for a guided boat trip to see the water gardens, visit local shops with handmade jewelry or strike a barging when locals try to sell their wood carvings over the side of the ship. It’s was one of the more developed areas with many hotels to chose from.

Want to read more about beautiful Myanmar you can read my post about the temples in Bagan or see more pictures at my Instagram.


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