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🇬🇧 Flashback Friday no 2

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The 2nd flashback Friday is about Sigiriya in Sri Lanka – a fortress on top of a rock in the middle of nowhere.


Sigiriya is located near Dambulla in the center of Sri Lanka and it’s quite far from other tourist attractions like the city of Kandy, the tea plantations in the mountains near Ella, the safari near Yala or the city of Galle – but it’s worth the struggle to get there.

We had a private driver during our stay in Sri Lanka and we drove from Negombo to Dambulla – a long and hectic drive. Time is different in Sri Lanka so if they tell you it’s a 4 hour drive it will be more like 6 hours but there are so many beautiful things to see in Sri Lanka and many interesting palces to stop along the way so enjoy the drive and after a while you will see that the traffic might be hectic but it’s functional.

Hiking Sigiriya

We got up early to hike to the top of the rock and make sure to go before it gets to hot and sunny. My sister was 6 months pregnant so she stayed at the visiting center with my mother while the rest of our family and our driver hiked. It’s a steep hike and you need a medium level of fitness since getting to the top means lots of uneven steps and stairs.

At the top

The view is amazing!

Our guide told us a myth about why the fortress was build and as with all Sri Lankan folklore the tale involves love, war, a lot of drama and morale.

Sri Lanka is a great destination with lots of culture, lush green landscape with great variation from jungle to mountains and sandy beaches. The locals are friendly and you get good value for your money.

Stay tuned for more posts about Sri Lanka or follow my Instagram for more pictures


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