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🇬🇧 Flashback Friday no 1: Wonderful temples in Bagan

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Why you should go

If you’ve read my ultimate travel guide you know why this isn’t a travel guide but a post meant to inspire wanderlust – always check when the author visited the country, the post might be outdated.

I traveled to Myanmar in January 2014 with my friend Nina and we visited Myanmar when it had only just been opened to visitors.

Since the country opened its boarders it has had a rapid developing tourist industry and many things will have changed since my visit. It’s a country that should be on your bucket list because of its many temples, stunning nature and friendly people.

Temples in Bagan

Bagan is a vast area dotted with temples – some are well maintained and others look light they might collapse. When we visited in late January the grass was dry, but it still looked like something from the Junglebook. One day I would like to come back and see Bagan during the rainy season where the grass is green.

How to get around

We rented bikes or E-bikes (a slow scooter, the pedals are mostly just for show) and explored the area. There wasn’t any tourist shop outside Bagan city and it never got crowded at the temples. You can climb some of the temples and watch the sunset or sunrise – be sure to check the signs so you don’t climb the forbidden ones!

We woke up early and rode the bikes to a tall temple we spotted the day before – there are no street lights in the area so riding a bike can be daunting. We climbed the temple but near the top my short legs was no match for the steep steps to the top level. But as it often is when traveling, help will find you when you need it – two other travelers lend me a hand and helped me climb the last part. Nina is quite tall so she had no problem with the climb and was waiting at the top with our tea and cake.

Watching that sunrise was amazing! There’s a lot of red dust in Myanmar that makes the light golden and very enchanting. When the sun starts to rise you’ll see tons of hot air balloons start floating in the horizon and it is quite magical to look at (or even better, try a hot air balloon yourself)

Follow me at Instagram for more pictures and stay tuned to read about how we ended up attending a wedding in Myanmar.

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