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🇬🇧 A perfect spa day in Copenhagen

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In Copenhagen it’s normal to have days full of rain and when fall comes the rain is accompanied by wind and a grey sky. Yesterday was all grey and windy so I left work early and went to my farvorite day spa.

A luxurious spa with a great location

Nimat Spa is located in the city center close to Nørreport Station which means you can take the bus, s-tog and metro or you can just walk.

The spa is decorated in a oriental style and offers a spa, steam room, sauna, cold water splash and a lounge area where you can enjoy a cup of ginger tea.

The treatments

The spa area is lovely but I always combine it with a treatment and so far I’ve tried:

Hot stone massage 1.5 1300 kr.

Perfect for fall and winter and it leaves you feeling relaxed and warm.

Sports massage 1.5 hour 1000 kr.

I always choose the 1.5 hour session since 1 hour just isn’t enough for me. It’s a good classic massage with small variations depening on where the masseuse trained.

Jasmine delux 2 hour 1500 kr.

If you really want to be pampered this is perfect. It combines a body scrub with a full body massage and a vitamin body wrap. After the treatment you’ll be relaxed and have silky soft skin.

Buddhas oil 1.5 hours 1300 kr.

A one hour full body massage and 30 mins of warm oil slowly dripping down onto you forehead. I’m sure it can be very relaxing, but I really didn’t enjoy it.

Buddha massage delux 1.5 hour 1000 kr.

1 hour full body massage and 30 minutes facial will leave you feeling renewed. This is my most frequently book treatment.

The practical stuff

No matter which treatment you choose I’m sure you will have a great time. Nimat has their own range of massage olis whit names as harmonise or relax and the therapist can help you find the perfect match.

Book your treatment ahead for time at www.nimat.dk since they quickly get booked. You can use the spa area for free when you book a treatment, so remember to bring you bathing suit. Towels, bathrobes and slippers will be provided at the spa.

Please leave a comment and let me know how if you enjoyed your visit to the spa. Follow me on Instagram if you want a video tour of the spa


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