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🇬🇧 The guide for your first stay in Copenhagen

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The best way to explore a new city is with a local. I’ve lived in Copenhagen since 2010 and I love it. It’s small enough to explore by foot, the public transportation is good if you get tired of walking and there are lots of parks if you want to take a break surrounded by nature.

Here’s my guide to a day in Copenhagen

Go on a canalcruise

Onboard at Nyhavn and enjoy the one hour boat ride that will take you to see the little mermaid (she is tiny) and through all the quirky little canals in the city. It’s very cheap (50 kr/7EUR/8USD and you get to see most of the city.

Drink a beer in Nyhavn

A narrow canal filled with tour boats, cafes and colourful houses makes Nyhavn one of the most photographed places in Copenhagen. Have a beer (Carlsberg is danish) and people watch, but since it’s one of the most overpriced places there’s no need to eat here.

Visit the royal family at Amalienborg palace

Walk along the waterfront from Nyhavn to the palace, it’s a 700m stroll. The queen lives there most of the year along with the crownprince and his family. Don’t be surprised if you see the royal family out and about in the city, the crownprince likes to ride his bike around town.

When you are done taking pictures of the guards walk 1400 meters on the cobbled streets of the city centre and notice all the colourful old buildings along the way until you arrive at city hall.

Magic moments at Tivoli

Right next to the city hall you’ll find Tivoli, one of my farvorite places in the city.

Tivoli is an amusement park build in the middle of the city centre. There’s rollercoasters, fine dining and decorative flowers or lights depending on the season. It’s a magical place and you can just go for a stroll in the gardens or stay all night and try the rides – you never get too old to enjoy the Flying Suitcase which takes you through the fairy tales of H.C Andersen.

Nimb hotel in Tivoli and the yearly pumpkin display

The decorations for Halloween at Tivoli.

Eat dinner in one of the many restaurant or go to Tivoli foodhall and grab some take away like a frikadelle sandwich (meatball sandwich) or a hotdog with fried onions.
The park is dotted with little shops where you can by Danish design and products before you stumble home to your hotel to rest your feet.

What do you love to do in Copenhagen? Comment with your best tips and tricks. Follow me at Instagram for more tips about the city.


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