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🇬🇧 Riga travel guide: a picture perfect city

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I went to Riga in October 2018 and fell in love with the city. It’s beautiful, clean, very affordable and the perfect size to explore by foot.

Getting there

You can read about my planning for the trip and my Pulman hotel review.

What to do?

We got a map at the hotel reception and started exploring the city. A couple of times we ended up in a completely different place than we intended to go (I blame the map) but everywhere we went we saw beautiful art nouveau buildings, decorative facades and picture perfect houses. The first day we ended up walking 21 kilometers.

The city is all about the architecture, so the buildings are well maintained.

We wanted to visit the museum of occupation but unfortunately it’s closed until spring 2019.


We did a bit of shopping but the international brands are the same prices as at home. The city seems to have an obsession with amber and you can find countless shops selling amber jewelry.

If you like markets go visit the central market, it’s big and offers everything from flowers to fish and hats. We bought 500 grams of grapes for 50 cents but didn’t find anything else to our liking.


To avoid the rain we booked appointments at Riga Wellness. Nina had an 80 min massage (60 euro) and I had a 60 min facial (56 euro). Both were very relaxing. Afterwards we went back to the hotel to swim a bit and try the sauna.

Lunch and dinner

Everywhere we ate was fine and we spend between 7 and 30 euro for two people, so just pick whatever catches your eye.

The vibe of the city

Old town in Riga is tiny and you’ll meet lots of tourist from Denmark, Sweden and Russia but it’s a slow paced city and it never got crowded. That might be different during spring and summer.


It’s a safe and easy destination and I I’ll be coming back. If you stay in Old town I’m sure you’ll be just fine. If you venture outside of Old town, as we sometimes did, the vibe can change quite quickly. If you are a solo female traveler I’ll recommend staying in Old town, at least after nightfall, but overall we felt very safe.


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