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I’m starting to plan my travels for 2019 but I still can’t decide where to go so here is my guide to research like a pro.

The flight going back home is a great place to plan the next trip.


I always start by searching for destination and Instagram is a great place to get a good overview of the destinations. There’s so many beautiful pictures to scroll through. Currently I’ve added these hashtag: Japan, Budapest and Mexico_tour. Apparently the Mexico hashtag mainly shows girls in tiny bikini, so I switched to Mexico_tour to see pictures of Mexico. Instagram is great for pictures but don’t offer much information, so when you have narrowed you destination search down to a few it’s time to move on.

Downsides to Instagram

I experience a lot of profiles that just post other people’s pictures which means they properly haven’t been to the destination themselves. If I see a great picture I read the text to find out who the photographer is and then I visit their account. The photographer usually has more pictures of the destination and you might even get some bonus info abut the destination in the text.

Excessive editing and the use of filters can totally change a picture and you might be badly disappointed to arrive at the destination and it looks completely different.


Pinterest is an online noticeboard where you can pin webpages, blogs, pictures ect.

I use it to find travel blogs about my destination. There’s usually guides on everything from what to pack, when to go, what to see and where to stay.

I like to have one notice board for each trip I’m planning to keep track of all the good guides I’ve found. I also have a notice board with a mix of destinations I dream of visiting.

The downsides to Pinterest

It’s a fun combination of Forbes Travel Guide and family blogs. You might have to skim though a few before you find a useful guide. You should always check the date of the post and you can read more about what to look for in a travel guide here.


Google is your friend – most of the the.

Try googling “things I wish I knew before I went to Xxx”

I did that before we went to the Maldives and learned that it’s a good idea to bring rehydration pills. It’s a great way to learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences.

It works well for other things as well for example “what I wish I knew before I started playing tennis”

The downside to Google

The first couple of links Google shows are paid advisement and can be very biased.

The old-fashioned way

I have a weakness for books and travel books are no exception. If I’m just browsing destinations I’ll get the book at the library but I usually buy a Lonely Planet guide if I’m going on a longer trip.

The downside to books

In our rapidly changing world the info in the books are quickly outdated .

What’s your best planning tool?

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