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🇬🇧 Should Prague be your next destination?

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If you like beer, beautiful buildings and cobbled streets, then yes!

But if you don’t like crowded places or waiting in line, then Prague isn’t for you.

This was a short line of people waiting to buy tickets to visit the castle.

If you decide to go here’s what to expect:

November, January and February are low season periods but even in the low season you’ll find the city full of tourists.

I visited a weekend in November 2018 and I can only imagine how long you have to wait in line during spring and summer.


We only walked across the Charles Bridge once and after that we chose to cross at the other bridges.

There are plenty of beautiful streets in Prague and the city is great for sightseeing by foot. Many streets are cobble stones and can be a challenge if you are traveling with small children.

The old town, the castle and the Jewish quarter are all very charming and full of pretty old buildings with a vibe of “hygge” (a danish concept of cosy/nice)

In my opinion Prague is a beautiful city but there’s just to many people to really enjoy it. Next time I’ll visit some of the smaller cities in the countryside.


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