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🇬🇧 4 great gifts for people who love to travel

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It’s almost Christmas time and I’ve put together a little wish list. What’s on your travel wish list?

The company Christmas tree.

Quality luggage

When I travel with my friend Nina her luggage always malfunctions. In New York one wheel fell off her trolley, in Myanmar her giant backpack ripped open and was held together with duct tape for the rest of the trip and in Riga we had to fix a loose screw in the handle of her trolley with a set of keys since the handle wound’t slide back into place. So with these stories in mind I wish for quality luggage that will last for many trips all over the world. I prefer colourful luggage since it’s easy to spot a blue suitcase among all the black ones.

That perfect neck pillow

I’ve tried my fair share of neck pillows in the attempt to find the perfect one. You know, the one that will let you sleep on flights and won’t leave you with a sore neck? I’m beginning to think I’ll never find the perfect one. But this one might work.

Magasin a 150 year old shopping centre in Copenhagen

Lonely Planet books

You can never have too many books and this year I’m wishing for the Lonely Planet guidebook to Bali, Canada and Mexico. I like saving the books after I’ve visited the destination because it reminds me of fond memories and the places I want to come back to.

A spa weekend

A spa weekend is the perfect way to relax, spend some quality time together and walk on the beach. This one in Germany looks good and it only take a couple of by car from Copenhagen. In December I’m going to Ystad in Sweden and it looks like a great spa hotel.

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