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🇬🇧 2018 – 5 countries visited, 2 to go

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For me 2018 has been a great year for travelling.

Safari, Garden Route and Cape Town in South Africa

I started the year with a trip to South Africa with my parents. We combined safari with a road trip along the Garden Route and ended up in Cape Town. It was a great vacation that really got me hooked on safari.

Kenya and Seychelles

In July my fiance and I went on a early honeymoon. Kenya surprised me with it’s beautiful and diverse nature and outstanding safari. The safari was quite different from South Africa, there were fewer rules and Masai Mara really is a vast area with amazing views and lots of animals. We saw the beginning of the great migration with lots of zebras and others herds and one day I’ll like to come back and see the great migration at it’s peak.

The Seychelles was mostly about relaxing, enjoying spa treatments and eating delicious food.

The less traveled Greece

In October I went to Crete in Greece with my whole family. We stayed at the lovely Asi Gonia Villa and spend quality family time cooking at the villa and exploring the village with my 1.5 year old niece who loved all the goats and sheep. We were the only tourist in the village and it was great to experience the less touristy side of Greece.


In the end of October I went on a spontaneous weekend trip to Riga with a girlfriend. The city was very much to my liking. Clean, pretty and easy to explore by foot. The first day we walked 21 km and the next 13 km. It’s perfect for a two night’s stay.

Czech Republic

In November I’m going to visit Prague with my sister and I’m looking forward to exploring the city.


In December I’m going to spend a weekend relaxing at Ystad Spa with my husband. It’s a wedding gift and I really look forward to it because I’ve heard so much about Ystad Spa.

Closing in on 50

At the end of 2018 I’ll have visited 44 countries and still have 17 months left to complete my quest. Some of the destinations I have in mind for 2019 are Portugal, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium or Luxemborg.

Leave a comment with your recommendation for great places to visit.

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